• Corporate

    The firm has extensive experience in assisting companies on complex transactions at national and international level with a particular focus in the energy and private health sectors.

  • Capital Market & Securities

    The firm provides innovative advice on a wide range of issues related to capital raising and compliance with legislative securities regulation. The firm has a high level of expertise in securitization, derivative finance and bond placements by companies and public sector.

  • Investment Management

    Our law firm has assisted and assists several clients in investment management sector by solving any legal issues to be faced, including the establishment, training and management phase of investment funds, all regulatory, compliance, distribution agreements regulatory, mergers, restructurings, tax matters and the issue of securities. Our clients include advisor and independent director of various investment funds. We have represented and we still represent various investment funds and investment companies with different sizes assets under our management. Our extensive experience in the sector, as well as Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, Private Debt Funds and Alternative Credit Funds, allows us to assist clients very professionally, in an ever-changing investment and regulatory environment. We work on in Italy and in all other nations of the world.

  • Club Deal Structuring

    We are able to assist different types of investors in Club Deal structuring, we solving all the legal problems relating to the preliminary and subsequent phases of investment in the target company. Among the activities carried out, we can assist in the drafting of the Term Sheet among investors, in the establishment of Newco, in the identification of target company, in the negotiation phase, due diligence and drafting of the SPA, up to the closing date for the purpose of completion purchase of the target company. Our legal assistance also includes the post-closing phase characterized by the holding period and the distribution of profits among the shareholders, deriving from  investment on the basis of conditions set out in Newco’s statute.

  • Corporate Finance

    The firm provides legal assistance to numerous companies, national and international institutional funds, in the context of complex areas of activity, including M&A, private equity, private debt, venture capital.

  • Private Equity

    Our private equity group provides trusted advice derived from a deep knowledge of the sector to established and emerging private equity firms. We represent companies of all sizes across the spectrum of investment strategies and establish long-standing relationships with our clients. As active participants in the private equity sector, we are able to advise our clients on the latest innovations, as well as on current market practices and trends.

  • Finance

    Customers rely on our law firm to help them navigate the commercial and legal complexities in the context of debt financing transactions. Our professionals provide innovative solutions that meet our clients’ debt financing needs in relation to all types of transactions and capital structure.

  • Corporate Governance

    The firm assists numerous companies in the context of the correct and concrete use of all legal tools aimed at a correct and efficient management of the company.

  • Legal Due Diligence

    The firm has great experience in drafting due diligence in the field of acquisition processes, taking care in detail, thanks to partnerships with competent professionals in each sector, of all the fundamental aspects of the data deepening activity and information relating to the subject of the negotiation.

  • Tax

    Identifying and solving tax problems is a great skill. Solving them in the context of the objectives of our customers is a goal of primary importance. By working closely with our partners specialized in the tax sector, we are able to assist customers in solving problems, avoiding pitfalls and discovering added value in all types of operations.

  • Trust e Patrimoni

    The study provides assistance to families, directly or through intermediaries who currently follow their asset management, with the aim of addressing issues related to the governance, administration, generational transfer of their assets.


The firm provides assistance in the field of commercial, corporate and financial disputes, boasting specific expertise in the areas of financial law, banking law, NPL management and recovery, mergers and acquisitions, real estate law, administrative law, bankruptcy law, insurance law , debt collection.

  • Arbitrati e ADR

    The firm has high-level skills in national and international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.


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